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Sunday Duties of Ushers


  • Remember that you are the first person that visitors meet. First impressions are lasting!
  • Arrive at church by 8:40 AM.
  • Check with the Elder in charge (Head Usher) to determine if the bulletins are ready for distribution in the Narthex.
  • Ask the Head Usher where you are to be stationed. Ushers should: a) Greet worshippers, b) Give out bulletins, and c) Locate seats if the church is nearly full and escort latecomers down the aisle during the singing of the first hymn or at an appropriate time
  •  The balcony is "OFF LIMITS". Please help enforce this!
  • Help with attendance count as directed.
  • 9:00 AM service:  There should be four plates in the drawer in the narthex. After the offering has been taken, the ushers will advance with the plates during the singing of the Doxology. After the prayer, the ushers should turn and retreat to the Narthex.
    10:45 AM service:  Four ushers should come forth and take the offering. There is no procession. As soon as the offering is taken, return and collect the attendance books on the end of each pew. Tear off the pages and sort for first time visitors. Place the books on the window at the end of the Narthex and place all of the pages in the Church Office.
  • At the close of the service, one usher should be stationed at each door (including the one by the Fellowship Hall for the 9:00 service) to shake hands with the departing worshippers.
  • One team member should check the parking lot area at least once during the service.
  • One team member should check on the Nursery to make sure that everything is okay.
  • During inclement weather, one or two members should be stationed by the parking lot door to assist worshippers with the door, umbrellas, etc. Be especially vigilant on icy days to assist worshippers in from the drop point. Sprinkle salt as needed. Salt is by the entrance to Fellowship Hall.
  • Some ushers are needed to assist with the counting and posting of all monies according to the procedures directed by the Treasurer. During first service, counting should not commence until after the sermon. Counting should be done downstairs in Room 105.
  • Help prepare the Sanctuary for the 10:45 service (remove bulletins, paper, etc. from the pews/floor and straighten hymnals).
  • DO NOT throw away the unused bulletins! Keep them in the bin labelled for the correct service and return the bin to counter in the Church Office.

If you find that you are unable to attend on your scheduled date, notify the Head Elder and attempt to trade with someone from another crew.

Remember that voices carry in the Narthex and Cloister, so please refrain from carrying on conversations during the service. Take part in the service from your station. Be respectful of other worshippers.

Usher Schedule



Camera Schedule


Camera people are matched with the Elder for each specific Sunday.

Elder Frank Claus . . . . . . . . . . . . Dan Richards

Elder Dave Weingard . . . . . . . . . Brian Omlor

Elder Dave  Armbruster . . . . . . . Rob Banks

Elder Bill Newman . . . . . . . . . . . Harford Drexler

Elder Walt Breuninger . . . . . . . . Tom Hinchliffe

Elder Ken Borah . . . . . . . . . . . . . G. Blair