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Addisville Reformed Church Consistory Nominations for 2021


  • Any active member 21 and over in good standing can be nominated to the Office of Deacon.
  • Deacons who have served two or more years can be nominated to the office of Elder.
  • You may nominate three (3) Elders and six (6) Deacons.

Nomination forms (whether paper or electronic) need to be turned in no later than Sunday, November 1st, 2020.

According to the bylaws a period of two years must elapse after serving two (2 )consecutive terms before a person can be nominated to serve again as Deacon or Elder. Therefore, the following individuals cannot be nominated:

Walt Breuninger Jr.
Frank Claus
Ed Ingle
Amy Melnick

Bob Proske
Bob Sloan
Dave Weingard

The following individuals are in the middle of a term and therefore, cannot be nominated:

Matt Bair, Elder
Lynn Edwards, Elder
Johnny Marsella, Deacon
Glenn Newman, Deacon

Valerie Rook, Deacon
Al Sigafoos, Elder
Donna Stewart, Deacon
Frank Weckenman, Deacon

Members of the Consistory completing their first term in office can be nominated to a second term either as an Elder or as a Deacon.

Pat Donohue Elder
Doug Gonze, Elder
Jill Osterhout, Deacon
Grace Salinger, Deacon


Rich Shetzline, Deacon
J. D. Smith, Deacon   
Bob Volkhardt, Deacon

The following former members of the Consistory can be nominated to be Elder or Deacon:

Lisa Bailey
Rob Banks
Randy Bair
Harold Barwis
Frank Bauman
Joe Borowski
Charles Brown
Rich Capaldi
Terry Carlen

Amy Casey
Gordon Coleman
Harford Drexler
Dick Ernest
Al Flinn
Casey Gibbons
Bob Gormley
John Harris
Michele Hinchliffe

Susan Hoare
Gail Hogeland
Ed Johnson
Paul Kajmo
Andy Keiser
Matt Kelly
Don Kunz
Dennis Lane
George Lange

Al Miller
Tony Mirack
Frank Parke
Dan Richards
Bob Robinson
Brechl Schneider

Nominations for the Office of Elder and Deacon 2021

If you prefer to print a paper form, it must be filled out and dropped off at the church by Sunday, November 1, 2020.