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Sunday Duties of Greeters


Thank you so much for being a greeter at Addisville Reformed Church.  You provide a warm welcome to the members and visitors and help greatly to make Addisville a very special place to be on a Sunday morning.

Please familiarize yourself with the responsibilities of being a greeter:

  • Please plan to be in front of the library 20 minutes prior (more if it is a special service) to the beginning of worship.
  • Please put on your name badge.  The name badges can be found in the cardboard boxes on the shelf on top of the coat area.  Try to put your name badges away in alphabetical order since it is then easier for each greeter to locate their respective badge.  If your name badge is not in the box please let me know and I will be happy to make one for you. Contact Bunny Thomas.
  • Upon arrival at church inform the ushers to reserve a place for you in the sanctuary.  Stay in position until the last minute stragglers have arrived.  This will probably mean that you will arrive in the sanctuary about five minutes late.
  • If you greet someone that you do not recognize as being a member please introduce yourself and make them feel welcome.  Let them know that there is literature about Addisville on the table in the cloister or in the sanctuary pew for them to take with them.
  • If you arrive at church and see no greeters in their position please feel free to "stand-in" for the people scheduled.  Occasionally it is easy to get confused on a date and fail to appear.
  • If you know in advance that you will not be able to greet on your scheduled date please trade dates with someone else on the schedule.
  • Let church office (215) 357-4277 know of the change since she lists all greeters in the church bulletin each week.

Thank you for helping to make my task of completing this schedule easier by the generous gift of your time to Addisville.  It is always a pleasure to work along with everyone.  Once again I thank you for offering to say “Good Morning”.  What a special way to start a Sunday!!!