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Sunday Duties of Elders and Deacons


9:00 AM Service—Elders sit in the front pew and Deacons in the second, using the third if needed. During this service, the two Deacons on Ushering Duty should remain in the narthex to assist with ushering duties and serve communion from the back. Consistory members who are in the choir should determine who will serve the elements to the choir and sign up for the duty in the lounge. After the service, all Consistory members should help with preparing the sanctuary for the second service. Any variation to this practice will be announced in the lounge prior to prayer.

10:45 AM Service—All Elders and Deacons will sit with their families in the pews and come forward when its time to serve. Deacons who are serving should take a plate to use for the Deacon's Fund offering.

All members of Consistory are expected to attend both communion services on the first Sunday of the month. Please inform the VP of Consistory if you are unable to attend.

NOTE: All members of Consistory should assist with the removing of the cups and preparing the sanctuary for the 10:45 AM service.

Preparation of Elements Schedule 2021


  • Preparation of Elements Schedule 2021 (Coming Soon)