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 TEACHER COMMISSIONING:  Today we will be commissioning our Sunday School teachers and leaders at the beginning of both services. Please pray for an amazing year with our leaders and students!

THIS MORNING WE WELCOME Amanda Bruehl from the Reformed Church in America.

ADDISVILLE COMMUNITY MEAL: Today is our Community Meal and we are having Chicken Pot Pie. Contact: Jill Osterhout  Our meal is slowly growing, next month (October) we will be running for one year.  Thank you to all that have donated meal supplies and/or those that have volunteered to help with the meal.  I invite everyone to check out our meal and bring a friend.

H2O DONATIONS: Our youth sure do work up a sweat and hunger running around on Sunday nights. Help us out with donations for our youth room! Due to some allergies, some specific things we're looking for are; mini water bottles, Herr's brand chips and pretzels, microwave popcorn, Doritos, Cheetos, Tostitos, Chips Ahoy, Oreos, and Hershey Kisses. We'd prefer single serving packs, so whatever is donated can stay fresh longer! But any donations would be greatly appreciated for this year! Contact Natalie Kelly at with any questions!

LADIES MANNA GROUP   Meets Every Thursday from 1- 2pm

Beginning September 20th.  We will using Dr. Erwin Lutzer study titled “One Minute After You Die” This study, weighing the Bible's words, will explore, near death experiences, heaven, hell, God's providence, what will the resurrection body be like and how to prepare for your own final moment.  Open to all! If you are new to Bible study or have participated in past Manna Studies… join us!

NURSERY VOLUNTEERS: Help make a huge impact by loving, hugging, holding and playing with our sweet little babies! Help allow our parents to be filled up in service. Contact Carrie Caldani to be added to our 3 month rotation sign-ups. You can choose to help out with our little ones during first or second service! Join us in pouring into these tiny little lives.


Tactics in Defending the Faith – 9:00 AM

Our need for tactics concerns our commission to be effective ambassadors for Christ particularly in making disciples.

This week: Learn the “Columbo Tactic”: to go on the offensive in a disarming way with carefully selected questions to productively advance the conversation.

Next week: The first application of the Columbo Tactic helped you understand exactly what a person thinks. The second application - known as “Reversing the Burden of Proof”- helps you know why they think what they think.

Join facilitator Bob Volkhardt at 9:00AM in the lounge.

 Questions? Bob Proske at or 215-514-4282

gods at War – 10:45 AM

This week:  Kyle Edelman notes that everybody worships, even non-believers. Worship is the sum total of all the ways we organize our lives. Some questions about what might identify what worship includes are: What can you imagine not losing? What causes your biggest disappointments? What do you daydream about? How do you spend your time and money? This session will introduce the concept with five personal stories, one or more of which might be yours.

Next week: This week takes an in-depth look at the god of pleasure. How easily we turn to things for comfort. It may be difficult for people to see harm in things they enjoy, especially if there’s an element of comfort in them. One of the subtlest ways an idol can creep onto the throne of our hearts is be starting off as something good, even something God gave us to enjoy.

Join facilitator Bob Proske at 10:45AM in the lounge.

OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD: Washcloths and bars of soap are the collection items for the month of September. Walmart, Sam Club and Kohl’s all have good deals on washcloths.

 There are red envelopes available for whatever donation you feel led to make toward defraying the shipping cost in the Narthex hanging off the front of the basket where your donated items are collected.  Currently it looks like the church will be packing around 200 boxes at the packing party so the shipping costs would be approximately $1800 dollars!  Samaritans Purse tells us to send the boxes along even if we can’t cover the cost of shipping but the Mission Committee would like to cover as much of the shipping as possible.  The envelopes are due back any time before October 31; please leave them in the church office or drop them in the offering plate.  Thank you in advance for your generosity; every little bit helps! The Mission Committee!

WOMEN'S DAY OF RENEWAL: All women of the Church are invited to join us on Friday, September 21 for our annual Day of Renewal.  We will meet in Fellowship Hall at 10:00 A.M. for light refreshments which include Valerie's sticky buns.  At 10:30 we will be carpooling to Core Creek Park where we will have a devotional and then you will be free to walk the trails or just sit and enjoy God's beautiful handiwork.  At noon we will return to Richboro and enjoy lunch together at Giuseppe’s.  We hope you will join us for this time to come away from your daily duties, to connect with other women, participate in a devotional and renew your faith in Jesus Christ.  Today is the last day to sign up. SIGN UP NOW on the Addisville Church Women’s Bulletin Board in Fellowship Hall, use the tear off below and place it in the offering plate, or call Donna Stewart at 215-355-3584.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _   " cut here  " _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

 Yes, I can join you for a Day of Renewal on Friday, September 21.

Name:  _______________________________________        

Phone Number: ____________________

Families with Young Kids Group Starting!   We are excited to host a few informal gatherings for families with young kids to connect and play this fall!  Our first gathering is Friday, September 21st at the church playground.  We will gather at 5:30 PM to play and hang out and share some light food together!  In October we will be gathering around the annual Trick or Treat event at the end of the month.  And on November 30 we will meet at the Breuninger’s house!  Be sure to mark the 21st of September on your calendar and stay tuned for further info on these future dates as well. 

Pastor Ryan

ADULT BELL CHOIR:  Another exciting year is beginning for the Bronze Experience.  We are looking for anyone interested in joining us.  We will be playing 2 or 3 times a year. We practice twice a month; on the second Sunday at Noon and the 4th Wednesday at 7:30 P.M. in Fellowship Hall.  You do not have to know how to read music.  Come out and join us.  Questions:  Call Donna Stewart at 215-355-3584 or email her at

COLLEGE ADDRESSES:  Christian Education is in the process of updating our college student address list for the 2018/2019 school year. Please take a minute to fill out the information below and put it in Carrie Caldani's mailbox. If we do not receive a current shipping address by September 30, 2018 your student will not receive care packages this school year.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _   " cut here  " _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Student Name: _________________________________________

College Name: _________________________________________

Shipping Address: ______________________________________

E-mail Address: ________________________________________

Favorite Snack/Candy: ________________________________________

Preferred Gift Card: _____________________________________

Expected Graduation Date:  (   ) Spring (   ) Fall Year: __________

ANNOUNCER ARTICLES for the October Announcer are due by Thursday, September 20th

CHURCH KITCHEN:  The renovation of our Church Kitchen is now completed. The renovation was paid for by the Jean Reich Memorial Fund, the Elizabeth Rook Memorial Fund, the Fred Stewart Memorial Fund, and the Addisville Church Women.  Special thanks to Frank Parke for the many hours of planning, ordering the cabinets and other materials and the endless hours he spent making sure the project was completed.  It is beautiful.  Please take time to check it out.  

CONFIRMATION CLASS:  If you are in 8th through 12th grade, desire to learn more about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, want to grow in your relationship with Him, and would like to become a member of His church at Addisville, then this is the class for you!  We meet monthly after second service from October to May and work together toward growing in our faith and walk with Jesus culminating on Confirmation Sunday when we make profession of faith.  There is also a weekend retreat that is a part of our journey together.  For additional information or to sign up contact Pastor Ryan 

ATTENTION KNITTERS AND CROCHETERS: Our ministry will resume on Thursday, September 20th at 11:00 AM in the loungeAll are welcome!  No previous experience necessary.  Come on out for fun and fellowship!  See you then!

ADDISVILLE ANNUAL CHURCH PICNIC   Sunday, September 30 1:00 - 4:00 P.M. Core Creek Park Pavilion #11  Sign-ups for the picnic will be held in Fellowship Hall beginning this morning, September 9. Please sign-up for a side dish (salad, veggies, baked beans, etc.), snacks (pretzels, potato chips, etc.), or a dessert.  Hot dogs, hamburgers, drinks, and paper products will be provided.  Additional information, maps, and directions will be available at the sign-up table.

THANK YOU all for your prayers, words of encouragement, cards and food during the past several weeks as we celebrated the life of Walter Longhurst, Jr. He had a full life (92yrs) and a wonderful marriage (71yrs) and now he's with his Lord and Savior. Claire Longhurst, Jane & Don MacNeill

BIBLE STUDY: Book of Acts – The Sequel to the Life of Christ  We often call this book of the Bible “The Acts of the Apostles”. Dr. Warren Wiersbe says it is the “Acts of God’s People Empowered by the Holy Spirit” He says it is a story of power. That is why he named the study, “Be Dynamic”.  

God wants every disciple to be a dynamic witness for Him. So how can we be like Peter and share our faith with others in effective ways even when we’re scared and may not really want to? Come and find out.

The Details: Classes will run 7PM – 9PM from Tuesday, October 16, 2018, through approximately late April, on alternate Tuesdays, taking a break during the Christmas holidays. There is reading homework during the 12-session journey. The class is open to anyone who is interested and does not presume any previous Bible knowledge.

For more information and joining please contact Bob Proske at (215) 514-4282 or

WEEDS AND SEEDS:  Join us as we make wreaths and flower arrangements to be sold at the Addisville Country Store Bazaar.  We meet every Wednesday at 9:30 AM.  Bring your lunch.  Contact: Ann Harris (215) 357-8069 or Pat Claus (215) 968-3163

STATS FROM THE PANTRY:  The Jesus Focus Food Pantry at Bethana collected 18,941 pounds of food in the month of August.  With their team of dedicated volunteers they were able to serve 436 households, which included 582 children, 644 adults, and 310 seniors.  Thank you to everyone in our congregation  for your continued support and generosity.  The Mission committee


Lord, I bring You my sinful nature as You've revealed it to me.  I know I don't have anything valuable to offer except myself and my love. I can't earn Your forgiveness, but You've offered it as a free gift from Your Son, Jesus Christ.  I accept Your control of my life and I intend to serve You, obey You, and follow You from this moment forward.  You have my past, my present, my future, my family, my money, and my time.  Nothing will I withhold.  Thank You for loving me and forgiving me, and making me Your own.  Amen If you have prayed this prayer, let a pastor or elder know.   We have helpful material to aid you as you grow in your Christian faith