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WORSHIP AT ADDISVILLE:  Please join us for in person or virtual worship.  Watch on Facebook Live, YouTube or listen to the audio version on our website

WORSHIP: February 28, 2021 ~10:00 AM

SERIES: The Life of Jesus Christ

SCRIPTURE: John 6:26-27

MESSAGE: “Jesus the Miracle Worker”

THE FLOWERS THIS MORNING are presented by June Tittelmayer and Jill Czmar in loving memory of George Tittelmayer, husband and father.

MISSION TRIP FORMS: We hope to be able to travel this summer, so 2021 Mission Trip Paperwork is now available! Make sure to grab your packet from outside the Christian Education Office or print your own set from our website at 

OUR DAILY BREAD DEVOTIONALS FOR THE NEXT QUARTER are available in the plastic container on the green bench outside the Education Building entrance.  Copies can also be found on the information table in the cloister.

GIRLFRIENDS IN GOD BIBLE STUDY: LIFE IN THE BALANCE, by JONI EARECKSON TADA March 7th through May 23rd.  Sunday evenings at 7 pm in person (in Fellowship Hall) and on ZOOM.  Never before has it been so important for Christians like you to discover the answers God’s Word holds to our culture’s biggest ethical and social dilemmas. Every day, the 24-hour news cycle offers stories from around the world of unimaginable physical, mental, and emotional suffering. Yet more often than not, these stories and the underlying problems they represent are reported with no suggestions for resolution. Can it really be true that there are no solutions to our world’s biggest crises? Joni Eareckson Tada refuses to believe it. ! In Life in the Balance, Joni and her colleagues take on difficult issues – abortion, autism, genocide, stem-cell research, and others. But they don’t just tell the stories; they dig deep into the Word of God to find real and lasting solutions to so-called “unsolvable” problems. . If you are interested please contact Patti Hartline at

VBS 2021: Vacation Bible School is under construction for June 21-25, and we're really hoping we can have it. Keep in mind this year will be different from previous years, with more outdoor meeting spaces, and probable changes in the normal schedule. Christian Education is excited about sharing this adventure with the children of our church family and the children who live in our church neighborhood.
If you are available to help with VBS, please take a moment to email your name, email, phone number and where you might be interested in helping. Natalie will catch up with you to see how we can work together for our children. 

All volunteers age 18 and older (who have not already done so) will be asked to submit to a security screening including, but not limited to, a Pennsylvania State Police background check and a Pennsylvania Child Abuse Clearance. You will receive detailed information about these procedures when you commit to volunteer. By law, ARC cannot allow anyone to volunteer who does not submit to this request. 

PRAYING FOR THE CHILDREN OF ADDISVILLE: We are very thankful for those who have made a commitment to pray for our children. Praying for children is one of the most powerful things you can do as a parent, caregiver or compassionate Christian. We are praying this ministry will continue to grow, but want to make sure that all the children are covered in prayer, especially during these challenging times. The Christian Education committee will be praying for all the children of our church (as based on our Sunday school roster), as at this time we have a short list of children and prayer volunteers.  However, please feel free to volunteer as a prayer partner in this ministry and/or have your children added to the list provided to our prayer partners. 

Please email if you are interested in being a part of this ministry.

EASTER LILIES:  Lilies will be available for purchase to celebrate Easter here at Addisville. If you are interested in purchasing one or more, please contact Lynne Ferral at 215-364-3115 or by email at The cost is $10.00 each and checks can be made payable to Addisville Reformed Church. (Please note Flower Fund in the memo line.) They will available to take home after the service on Easter Sunday. Be sure to make contact by Thursday, March 25th to ensure adequate supply from the nursery.

SHARING OF GIFTS AND TITHES:  We recognize that many are already concerned financially because of this challenging time.  And we have also received inquiries from church members of how best to give during this time.  With great care and sensitivity to these realities, we continue to rely on your financial support of Addisville Church as the Lord enables you to help enable us to continue to minister in this moment.  Find out more about our online giving at  You can also set up automatic payments from your bank account or mail your contribution to the church.  If you need assistance with these resources please let the church staff know.



Adult Sunday School classes are held both live in Fellowship Hall and on-line via Zoom. If you have an interest, please request an invitation that will update you each week.

Through March 21 at the 8:45AM Class:

“You’ll Get Through This” 

Tough times can hit when you least expect it. Maybe it’s the fallout of: Covid-19, the political election, your last medical report, an unanticipated death, or maybe a broken trust.

God doesn’t promise that getting through the trial will be quick or painless. In an analogy with the story of Joseph, we learn that God is in the business of redeeming the broken. He was then. He is still. But there are some clear do’s and don’ts we should employ. The video presentations by Max Lucado will be facilitated by Walt Breuninger. Walt can be reached at

Growth Group continues at the 11:15AM Class:

The Growth Group meets following the Sunday worship service to discuss a deeper understanding and life application of the sermon and the primary passage from the previous worship service. It is designed to motivate Biblically grounded and Holy Spirit inspired, intimate, and informal discussion and learning, that will provide deep and lasting spiritual growth in our faith by meeting people where they are and creating an experience that will move them to the next level. Join facilitator Johnny Marsella to discuss how you might better incorporate the themes of the passage and the sermon into your daily living. Johnny can be reached at

Please indicate your interest in attending any or all sessions by contacting Bob Proske to ensure you receive a Zoom invitation and any Zoom help you need at


Missions and Outreach are two of Addisville’s most important and impactful ministries.  As a community of believers, we support evangelical and humanitarian activities locally, nationally, and globally.

Please check-out the new and improved view into Addisville’s Missions and Outreach activities by visiting our redesigned webpage to learn about the impact Addisville Reformed church is having because of your generosity.

Our new webpage has a world map that displays our Global activities with instant access to additional information through    easy-to-use “one-click” links.

Our Local and National activities are presented just below the Global activities, and also offer the easy-to-use “one-click” links that take you instantly to additional information.

Your donations are truly doing some wonderful work! Thank you Addisville family!  Contact Bob Volkhardt with any questions about Addisville Missions and Outreach -

COLLEGE CARE PACKAGES: With the ever-changing times one of the constants we can offer our college students is our ongoing support and love.  We show this by prayer and by bi-annual packages from our church body to our student members.  Tangible and intangible.   If you or your college student has changed status (or addresses) please contact me at with updated information so these can be sent out mid-March. 

Thank you for your continued help in this ministry.

ADDISVILLE PRESHCOOL:  Registration is open for the 2021-2022 school year. We have limited openings in both the 3-year-old/Nursery class and 4-year-old/PreK class which meet Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 9:00-11:30. Tuition is $150/month

Registration forms can be found on the Addisville website or request one by emailing

Your verbal recommendations are invaluable in our ability to continue this beloved program and are much appreciated!


Lord, I bring You my sinful nature as You've revealed it to me.  I know I don’t have anything valuable to offer except myself and my love. I can't earn Your forgiveness, but You've offered it as a free gift from Your Son, Jesus Christ.  I accept Your control of my life and I intend to serve You, obey You, and follow You from this moment forward.  You have my past, my present, my future, my family, my money, and my time.  Nothing will I withhold.  Thank You for loving me and forgiving me, and making me Your own.  Amen

If you have prayed this prayer, let a pastor or elder know.   We have helpful material to aid you as you grow in your Christian faith.


Entry/Exit: To ensure that foot traffic is flowing in one direction-congregants will enter building from the double back doors/parking lot entrance in the Christian Life Building or through the front doors of the Sanctuary Portico entrance. All other doors will be locked. You will notice that the floor of the Cloister has lines to encourage social distancing. Congregants exit the Sanctuary via the double doors near the piano. Please exit the building through the double doors located in Fellowship Hall or the side doors located near the storage room between the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall. Doors will be clearly marked as either an entrance or an exit.

Arrival: You will be greeted warmly by our ushers and greeters while practicing social distancing. Your temperature will be taken and you will be seated in the designated areas.  

No bulletins: Everything is projected or is online.

Our Sanctuary is set up for approximately 1/3 capacity. Alternating pews are roped off. Persons who reside in the same house do not need to social distance and in that case more than two may sit in the same pew section. An overflow area is set up in Fellowship Hall.

Offering Plates: We are not passing offering plates. For those who desire to bring their offering envelopes to church, wooden boxes have been mounted in the front and back of the sanctuary. Offering plates will be place at both ends of the Fellowship Hall. Sanitizing: Along with our routine sanitizing when we return to two services pews will be cleaned with disinfectant wipes in between services. 

Communion: Sealed communion cups with wafers are available to worshippers as they enter church on communion Sundays. 

Precautions: Masks are to be worn. Extra masks in plastic bags will be provided for those who do not have a mask. Hands free sanitizer dispensers are available throughout the building.

Please Note: When the Sanctuary is at capacity additional worshippers will be escorted via the courtyard to Fellowship Hall.

If you are running a temperature - or if feeling sick - please stay home and worship virtually on Addisville Reformed Church Facebook Link.
If you have been in contact with any person who has tested positive - please follow 14 day self-quarantine procedures before considering to coming to church activities or Sunday services.

Coffee Hour has been temporarily suspended. Nursery Care is available.

Sunday school is available for Age 3 through Grade 8, during our one Church service at 10 AM.  Our High School Class will meet at the 10 AM service. There will not be High School Class the 1st Sunday of each month to attend Church for Communion Sunday.

We currently have one service beginning at 10 AM. Major upgrades to our audio-visual ministry has enhanced our online presence.

Once the attendance justifies doing so we will return to two services.

Policies will change as CDC and Government restrictions change.