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Girlfriends in God

Category: Bible Studies

Date: January 17, 2021

Time: 7:00 PM

THE MISSING COMMANDMENT: LOVE YOURSELF November 22nd through January 31st.  Sunday evenings at 7 pm. This 7 session study takes you deeper still into the process of learning to love yourself the way God does. You see, the missing commandment has never been missing from the Bible, only from your life. But that can change, starting now.

LIFE IN THE BALANCE, by JONI EARECKSON TADA March 7th through May 23rd.  Sunday evenings at 7 pm.  Never before has it been so important for Christians like you to discover the answers God’s Word holds to our culture’s biggest ethical and social dilemmas. Every day, the 24-hour news cycle offers stories from around the world of unimaginable physical, mental, and emotional suffering. Yet more often than not, these stories and the underlying problems they represent are reported with no suggestions for resolution. Can it really be true that there are no solutions to our world’s biggest crises? 

Joni Eareckson Tada refuses to believe it. ! In Life in the Balance, Joni and her colleagues take on difficult issues – abortion, autism, genocide, stem-cell research, and others. But they don’t just tell the stories; they dig deep into the Word of God to find real and lasting solutions to so-called “unsolvable” problems. If you are interested please contact Patti Hartline at