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Preserving Our Legacy to Meet the Future

The early residents of Northampton had established a need for a house of worship to carry out their mission in the early 1800’s. Our current structure where we gather for worship each week was built in 1858. Look around as you sit in your pew. You are part of a legacy! Throughout the years our needs have changed; we’ve added Fellowship Hall, remodeled it once, and added the Parish Life Building. 

From these seasoned walls our congregation has reached out in mission locally and across the world. They have served us well!  However, some parts have become tired and worn. Just as your house needs attention from time to time, the Lord’s house does, too. Even the newest section of our building is 40 years old!

We have had several improvement projects where we campaigned for special funding and these have been successful. A few examples are building the Parish Life Building, installing air conditioning in the Sanctuary, restoring the organ, and buying pew cushions. In addition, we have had special funds like the Building Repair Fund, to which some members faithfully contribute on a regular basis. 

We are proposing the establishment of an ongoing Capital Improvement Fund, where contributions will be placed for use as various needs arise, just as we have done with the Building Repair Fund. While we are aware of several problems that need our attention now or in the near future, we always have additional, unexpected issues.


Building On Our Strong Foundation

Future projects include:

  • Repair air conditioning units
  • Repair driveways around Church
  • Repair aluminum on exposed  area on north side of the Church
  • Cover dirt floors in basement areas under the Church and Fellowship Hall
  • Change ventilation system in attic above Fellowship Hall
  • New ceiling and lighting in Fellowship Hall kitchen
  • Repair drainage on northeast   end of Parish Life building
  • New roof on Parish Life building
  • New carpeting in Parish Life building
  • Security cameras


To learn more about these projects and the Capital Improvement Fund, please contact one of the committee members:

Frank Bauman
Michele Hinchliffe


Download the Mission Possible brochure