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We are excited to announce this year’s Christmas pageant, presented by Brentwood Benson Kids. CAKE: Christmas Acts of Kindness Experiment.

It is finally Christmas break and the kids are out of school! Now the real fun begins … except the teacher gave homework! But along the way, a group project becomes much more to a group of kids than they could have ever imagined. Join along as they embark on an exciting experiment that will change the way they experience Christmas forever. God’s kindness proves God’s love for us and is at the root of every detail of the Christmas story!

CAKE: Christmas Acts of Kindness Experiment is a Christmas musical that empowers kids and their families to participate in acts of kindness throughout the Christmas season. Creating a fun and interactive opportunity to serve our community, and share the joy of Christmas with everyone around you.

Children Age 3 thru Grade 8 are invited to participate. Each child must register online in order to participate. It is very important that you sign-up your children before the first practice. This will allow us to assign all parts and have them ready to distribute at our first practice. 

When we receive your participation information, we will give you a CD and songbook so your children can be ready to sing during our first practice. You will also receive a rehearsal schedule.

Please make sure your children can be in attendance for at least 8 out of the 10 rehearsals if they would like a speaking part or if they would like to be a featured singer or musician. Also, please note that our practices are on varying days and times. Always refer to the schedule we give you; if any dates or times should change, we will e-mail you.

If your family is pressed for time, but would still like to participate, we invite your children to be part of our pageant choir where they only need to attend our four Sunday practices and our dress rehearsal.

Our first practice will be Sunday, November 10th from 12:15 PM until roughly 1:15 PM in the Sanctuary, with a Pizza lunch afterwards in Fellowship Hall (~1:15 PM).

The complete Christmas Pageant Schedule.