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Weekly Announcements



BS COMMISSIONING:  Today, we are commissioning our VBS teachers and volunteers.  Please pray for this special group of people.  They are giving so much of themselves to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the children of our church family and to the children of our community. We ask you to also pray for us each day this week using the

Game On! prayer slip in today’s bulletin as a guide.


CHURCH OFFICE SUMMER HOURS:  Effective July 2nd, the church office will be closed on Mondays and Fridays throughout the summer.  Our hours will be Tuesday thru Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.



Every week you will be blessed with uplifting music and inspiring and encouraging Biblical messages. Along with weekly messages for kids and Nursery care at both services we happy to offer Team Jesus (a summer children's ministry) at our 10:45 service. Snacks are available in between services! Don't forget: when you are out of the area find a church to attend! 


VA MISSION TRIP: We leave July 1st! Meet at 7:30AM in the parking lot to pack the vans and head on our way by 8!


REMINDER to those who signed up to be a Prayer Partner for one of the young people going on the Mission Trip, to please make sure you return your envelope to my box by Thursday, June 28.  Thank you for volunteering.  If you have any questions contact me.  Donna Stewart



Consistory has appointed the following persons:

  • Treasurer: Michele Hinchliffe
  • Assistant Treasurer: Loretta Wheeler
  • Director of Addisville Christian Preschool: Karen Pavlovcak

Please hold up in prayer Michele, Loretta and Karen as they assume their new responsibilities. 


ECHO: Watch the announcements for more info on Echo, one of the many wonderful missions we support.


BAND OF BROTHERS: We are meeting at the home of Joe Columbo this Wednesday at 7:30 AM.  Joe's address is 435 Estates Ct in Wrightstown. Please let Pastor Doug know ( if you are attending as Joe is providing western omelets and would like to know how many to prepare for. Beginning 7/11 we will meet weekly at 7:30 AM in the Lounge. If you have questions contact Jay MacDonald




Thank you to the following Participants and their Prayer Partners


Participant                             Prayer Partner

Casey Andris                          Rockne Anderson

Melissa Andris                        Stephanie Czmar

Gary Edwards                         Marge Murphy

Doug Hampson                       Barbara Gonze

Pastor Ryan Sweet                  Nancy Turner


FOOD PANTRY WISH LIST AND STATS:  The Jesus Focus Ministry Food Pantry is currently most in need of the following food items:  soup, baked beans, macaroni & cheese, canned beans, canned fruit, rice, peanut butter and jelly.  However, any donation of non-perishable food or personal care items is always appreciated.  

The Jesus Focus Ministry Food Pantry collected 13,930 pounds of food in May.  In turn, they served 406 households, which included: 441 children, 499 adults, and 218 seniors.  Thank you for your generosity! 


Lord, I bring You my sinful nature as you've revealed it to me.  I know I don't have anything valuable to offer except myself and my love. I can't earn Your forgiveness, but You've offered it as a free gift from Your Son, Jesus Christ.  I accept Your control of my life and I intend to serve You, obey You, and follow You from this moment forward.  You have my past, my present, my future, my family, my money, and my time.  Nothing will I withhold.  Thank You for loving me and forgiving me, and making me Your own.  Amen


If you have prayed this prayer, let a pastor or elder know.   We have helpful material to aid you as you grow in your Christian faith


NEXT WEEK is First Fruits Sunday. Please bring your non-perishable food items and place them in the cart provided. We will also have our Deacons' Fund Offering.


NEW OPENING:  Ethan Rook will be stepping down from his position as Assistant Sexton (Custodian). The Assistant Sexton maintains the Fellowship Hall and Kitchen area including setting up and breaking down for various events. This is a part time position. If you are interested please contact



  • DATE: Saturday, July 14
  • TIME:  7:00 PM
  • Cost: Tickets are $8.00
  • For Tickets: Contact Frank Weckenman

Kelly Gebhardt will be singing the National Anthem!


OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD UPDATE:  This month, we are collecting TOYS FOR BOYS! Some suggestions are: balls of all kinds, yo-yos, matchbox cars (I am in desperate need of these), windup flashlights, puzzles, action figures, small kites, plastic dinosaurs and hacky sacks.

Thank you for all your help with the blankies and dresses. We are making good progress!

The list of items we will be collecting through the year is as follows: School Supplies, Soap and Wash Cloths. If you happen upon a sale of these items anytime through the year, please pick up a few and let me know so I can publicize it and pick up a few myself. My email is or you could leave a message on my cell phone 215-219-1348. Thank you very much from Barb Gonze!


SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHERS NEEDED: Christian Education needs your help! This program cannot continue without your help!

During our 10:45 AM Sunday School hour starting in the Fall, we need:

 two teachers for our Age 3 to K class 

 two teachers for our 1st to 4th grade class

All teachers will serve in a rotation. If you hear His call to serve, contact me at or see me between services in the Christian Education office.  I will be happy to answer any questions you may have to help you make this decision for Jesus and our students.  


CHANGE IN COFFEE HOUR:  During June, July, and August there will only be signups for coffee.  The Fellowship Committee will provide lemonade and pretzels, or gold fish, etc. There are numerous dates available to host Coffee Hour so PLEASE take time to sign up this morning.  Thank you.  Fellowship Committee.



  • Income was $2,606 over budget due to several factors.
  • Expenses were $11,879 under budget
  • Pledges are $260 or 0.13% behind, including $7,122 where no

            contributions have been received in 2018.

  • Our budgeted surplus was $9,701. 
  • Our actual was a surplus of $24,186.
  • This is a positive swing of $14,485.

Charles Brown, June 1, 2018



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EMERGENCY CONTACTS: In the event of a health emergency Addisville will be keeping a "point of contact emergency sheet" in our office file for our members.   Please fill out your emergency contacts below and place in the offering plate or church office.  


Your name: _____________________________________


Emergency Contact (s):


Name: ___________________________________________ 


Phone #:_____________________



Name: ___________________________________________ 


Phone #:_____________________