Addisville Reformed Church

Adult Education

Adult Education Electives

Sunday Morning Mid-September thru Early June in the Lounge—one during our 9:00 AM Service and one during our 10:45 AM Service.  Each class addresses a specific topic and changes approximately every 6 - 12 weeks. 

Questions? Please contact Doug Gonze: for the 9:00 AM class or for the 10:45 AM class.

Additionally, we offer the following opportunities to study God's word.

Tuesday Evening Bible Study

Alternating Tuesday Evenings in the Loft—7:00 PM

Studies change approximately every 12 weeks.

Questions?  Please contact Bob Proske:

Men's Breakfast and Bible Study

First Saturday of Each Month, October thru early June in Fellowship Hall (weekly during Lent)—7:30 AM

Questions? Please contact Dave Armbruster:

Band of Brothers—Men's Bible Study

Wednesday Mornings in the Lounge—7:30 AM to 8:30 AM for a light breakfast, conversation and devotions tailored for busy men.
Questions? Please contact Pastor Doug:

Band of Brothers 2—Men's Bible Study

Every Other Sunday in the Lounge—6:00 PM for ALPHA, an exploration of the Christian faith.

Questions?  Please contact Gary Edwards:

Lois Circle—Women's Bible Study

Fourth Monday of Each Month in the Lounge—7:30 PM
Questions? Please contact Donna Stewart:
Midday Manna—Women's Bible Study

Thursday Afternoons, Mid-September thru May in the Lounge—1:00 PM for ALPHA, an exploration of the Christian faith.

Questions? Please contact Jane Dwyer:

Soul Sisters—Women's Bible Study

Alternating Tuesdays, Mid-September thru early June in the Lounge—6:30 PM

Questions? Please contact Carrie Caldani:

New Members' Class

Offered twice each year in the Spring and the Fall.

Worshippers who have made a decision for Christ and people looking for a new church home will learn more about The Addisville Reformed Church and the Reformed Faith.  When class is completed, new members enjoy the privilege of declaring their faith to the congregation and becoming a part of an ever-growing church family.

Questions? Please contact Pastor Doug Dwyer: